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Once the property for purchase is identified, a binding written proposal (PROPOSTA DI ACQUISTO) is executed. For a specific period of time (usually 5 days to 15 days), the buyer commits to purchase the property at a particular price. If the offer is accepted by the seller, a 10% non-refundable deposit (CAPARRA) is paid.

The second step in the process involves signing a preliminary contract (COMPROMESSO DI VENDITA) which is prepared by either the agent or a notary. This document contains the essential terms of the sale, including full details of the property, the seller and buyer, the purchase price, financing terms, the closing date, and any other conditions that must be fulfilled prior to contract completion. An additional deposit of 10% to 30% is paid at this point.

The contract is completed (ATTO) by signing the Final Deed (ROGITO) which is drawn up by a notary. Legal ownership of the property is then transferred upon payment of the balance of the purchase price plus any other payments that are due at that time, such as the notary's fees, taxes and commissions


All payments must be paid by either banker's draft (ASSEGNO CIRCOLARE) or bank transfer.


Commissions vary (usually between 3% or 4%) and are paid by both the seller and buyer. Oftentimes, agents' fees are payable when the preliminary contract of sale (COMPROMESSO) is signed.


Taxes on the transfer of real property are levied at a rate of 3% for primary residences and 10% for second homes. These rates are applied to the minimum declared value (RENDITA CATASTALE) recorded at the local land registry office (CATASTO). VAT (IVA) does not apply to property transfers between individuals, but will be due if the property is purchased from a company.

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Our advantages

Extensive Area Coverage

Properties ranging from seaside to inland locations, spanning the entire province of Imperia up to the French Riviera.


Your property will be presented in the best possible light, highlighting its uniqueness and location - bestowing a distinct identity to your home.

Transparency and professionalism

Every party is informed of all pertinent requirements relating to their transactions. We promote total honesty and transparency in all client related actions. Our mission is to broker a highly satisfying agreement for all parties.

Deep knowledge of the local market

Over the past 20 years we have acquired extensive experience of the local market enabling us to assess the true value of the housing market and identify the best possible locations. Furthermore, we can tease out many of the small details that make all the difference when buying or selling real estate.

Fluent in English

Your real estate transactions will be expertly negotiated in English. We are also proficient in French and other languages so that we are able to serve the buying or selling needs of non-domestic clients.


These are clearly established with the client at the start of the relationship to ensure there are no surprises.

One stop shopping

An exclusive contract with Immobiliare Martinelli ensures that you sleep at night because all the myriad real estate boxes are ticked: from the development of a bespoke marketing strategy within a network of carefully selected and trusted agencies to ensure maximum exposure of your property if you are selling and maximum coverage of the region if you are buying property, to the experienced navigation of the regulatory paperwork and protocols, to the expert negotiation of a mutually satisfactory contract on behalf of the seller and buyer.